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Crafting 1200 million years of history !

Dahlia design jewellery with zebra rock

We now have an extensive range of jewellery designed by Dahlia Design, Broome. Call by and view our unique designs incorporating zebra rock and Broome pearls. 

Zebra Stone - Zebra Rock for Sale

Peter Read who is co-owner with us of a mining lease on the east coast of Lake Argyle has posted a new web pageZebraStone From 'Top Rockz'  in which he provides an  informative account of  the mining of zebra rock at this site. Zebra rock is unique to the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.
Bruce Livett and Peter Read at the site.
Topics includeGeology,Contact for Raw Stone,'Top Rockz' HistoryandHand Crafted Products. There is aShopping Cart

East Kimberley Small Business Awards 2011

Fresh back from Bathurst where we showed our promotional video "Crafting 100 milllion years of history from unique Kimberley siltstone", Bruce set about with an application to enter Zebra Rock Gallery (& Cafe) into the 2011 East Kimberley Small Business Awards competition. This is a regional competition that can lead to National finals. We are hoping our application will be among the winners. The video will form part of the application. The awards ceremony is towards the end of the month, so watch this spot and wish us well.

Preparing for the final shoot: of Zebra Rock - the movie !

This morning, Vicky Biorac from B-Visual Media, Kununurra, is coming around with her movie camera to complete shooting of a 6-7 min video that Scott and I have commissioned and will be taking to Bathurst over Easter for the National Gem Show. The video will show the process from excavation of the rock at the mine site on Lake Argyle to cutting and grinding in the Workshop on site here to polishing the final product for display and sale in the Gallery. The video will also be useful to show in the Gallery when we get busy with customers, in place of the usual 4 min talk we give the tourists when they first come through the doors.

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Dahlia design jewellery with zebra rock
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Zebra Stone - Zebra Rock for Sale


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Crafting 1200 million years of history !
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