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A Taste of the Kimberley

“Eco Warrior of the Month”

Trying (anything and everything) to keep isolated and sane in the remote NW.

The following link shows the talent of our next artists presently being negotiated for 2021.

Norwegian Pianist and Stand-Up comedian who wooed them at Zebra Rock Gallery as part of the Muster Program in late May 2012. Follow him !!
International jazz pianist and composer. Based in Melbourne, Allan Zavod and Trio performed "Gershwin Under the Stars" at Zebra Rock Gallery on 26 May as the final 2013 Muster event and performed "Broadway Under the Stars" with Nichaud Fitzgibbon, vocalist, in May 2015. Sadly, Allan passed away in Melbourne on 28 November 2016 from brain cancer. A wonderful loving man and brilliant pianist. RIP.  
Providing Zebra Rock Gallery with taste tempting LaVazza coffee, addictive hot chocolate and a range of syrups this company is the epitomy of good taste, good service and innovative ideas. We highly recommend them. 
With a mission to introduce classical music to the public in a friendly and informal atmosphere Cappuccino Concerts has created a new listening audience in Perth and is spreading its wings providing creative artists to far away places such as Kununurra. Creative Director, Irina Vasileva recently brought Aksel Kolstad from Norway and has bold plans for the future.
Dahlia Designs, Perth make exquisite jewellery for us, some incorporating our zebra rock as the base of a boab.Providing Zebra Rock Gallery with a unique range of Kimberley jewellery designs incorporating zebra rock with  silver and pearls, Amanda Riley and Martin Stacey are setting new standards with their exquisite boab and staircase to the moon motifs.

Call in and observe Gary at work. You will be impressed.
Award-winning 100% organic gourmet coffee beans packed in Broome. One of our favourites is Mintaka "Coffee that is out of this world". Inspired by Orion's belt, this high quality Arabica from sustainable producers combines a full bodied Sumatra with a high grown PNG A grade. Added fragrant African provides lingering sweetness.
KCCI logoShoal Air’s new scenic tour operation Kingfisher Tours was formally launched on 2 May 2013 with 250 invited guests at the newly acquired and refurbished facilities at Kununurra Airport. Managing Director Steve Irvine paid tribute to many of those attending who had pioneered visitor services in Kununurra and set a high standard for others to follow. Kingfisher provide scenic tours of the Bungles, the Cockburns, Mitchell Falls, King George Falls and the remote Kimberley Coast.Shoal Air, won the 2011 East Kimberley Small Business Award.

2017 A Taste of the Kimberley- by Ben Brody & 8 others (Video 20 min
The Hoochery
'Top Rockz'

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