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    Children's books on display at Zebra Rock Gallery
    New Release from Backroom Presss, Broome
    Sid & Skipper - go mustering. by Heather Charlton. Children's book about two kelpies.Sid and Skipper go mustering
    by Heather Charlton
    Display of Children's books
    from Magabala Press, Broome
    Djomi Dream Child - Children's book by Christopher Fry
    • Djomi Dream Child by Christopher Fry
    • The Cowboy Frog by Hylton Laurel [Cover]
    • Dead Man's Gold by Michael Torres [Cover]
    • A Home for Bilby by Joanne Crawford [Cover]
    • Scaly-tailed Possum and Echidna by Cathy Goonack [Cover]
    • The Snake and the Boy by Azmen Sebastien [Cover]
    • Ubby's Underdogs: The Legend of the Phoenix Dragon by [Cover]
    • Winin - Why the Emu Cannot Fly by Mary Charles [Cover]
    • Dingo's Tree by Gladys and Jill Milroy [Cover]
    • Two Mates by Malie Prevett [Cover]
    Other titles from Magabala Press:
    • Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari by Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara [Cover]  NEW
    • The Man from Sunrise Side by Ambrose Chalarimeri [Cover]
    • Wyndham Yella Fella by Reginald Birch [Cover]
    • Yorro Yorro by David Mowaljarlai and Jutta Malnic [Cover]
    • Grace Beside Me by Sue McPherson [Cover]
    Kununurra - From Dreams to Reality. by Norma Wainwright and Keith Wright.  A must have book about the history of Kununurra.KUNUNURRA From Dreams to Reality  
    by Norma Wainwright and Keith Wright
    The Kimberley - Victoria Laurie. This excellent book was published in October 2010 and is on sale in the Gallery at 12.5% off RRP during the month of April.
    The Kimberley: Australia's Last Great Wilderness by Victoria Laurie, UWA Press, published October 2010
    This is an excellent book about the flora and fauna of the Kimberley, showcasing the prominent features and spectacular vistas together with informative text about the plants and animals of the region. Highly recommended.
    Rhythms of the Kimberley - by Russell Gueho. An excellent book about the seasons in the KimberleyRhythms of the KIMBERLEY: A Seasonal Journey through Australia's North. by Russell Gueho from Kimberley TAFE. Foreword by Tim Winton
    Icons of the KIMBERLEY:
    A-Z for Guides and Travellers by Russell Gueho from Kimberley TAFE.
    We also stock a number of specialty titles on the flora and fauna of the Kimberley not readily available elsewhere in Kununurra. Publishing houses represented are Fremantle Press, UWA Press, Museum of WA. Aboriginal Press and Bush Books.
    Recent arrivals are:  
    Jeemuluk - The Young Noisy Scrub Bird [cover]- Corrinn Wallace Hine. Dept Conservation & Land Management. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Only 2 copies remaining. Currently Out of Press.
    Exploring Western Australia's Natural Wonders: [cover] Department of Environment and Consevation. CALM.
    Under a Regent Moon- Tim Willing and Kevin Kenneally. [cover]
    (a historical account of pioneer pastoralists Joseph Bradwhaw and Aeneas Gunn): DEC Publication.
    Symposium on Kimberley Marine and Coastal ScienceThe Royal Society of Western Australia.2011(this proceedings brings together all the known marine and coastal scientific information for the Kimberley coast and offshore bioregion)
    Books by Norma Wainwright:
    • The Rat with the Golden Chain **New**
    • My Life in Verse [cover]
    • With Rhyme and Reason and More Rhyme and Reason [cover]
    • Robert Solomon Wainwright - A Man for all regions. [cover]
    Book by Jacq Hackett:
    • My Kimberley Guest [cover]
    Book by Will Chaffey:
    • Swimming with Crocodiles
    Swimming with Crocodiles - Will ChaffeyA young man devises a plan to explore the remote Prince Regent River in the NW Kimberley region of Australia, a trek so dangerous it has never before been attempted by outsiders.
    "Filled with scenes of great natural beauty, Swimming with Crocodiles is at once the affecting account of a journey into adulthood and a hair-raising epic of survival."
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    A GOOD READ !!
    Looking for something different? A little book worth a read is The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey.
    This delightful and prize-winning book describes the behaviour of a terrestrial shell in captivity. We stock both the Australian paperback edition and the hardback edition. (Read review) on page 4.
    Browse our collection of books while sipping on your favourite coffee - an espresso, latte, machiato or capucchino.
    Zebra Rock  What's New photo (3)[1]. We recently acquired a LavAzza Blue Pod coffee machine and here you see our two qualified baristas, Bruce and Scott, enjoying a capucchino, latte, machiato and espresso.
    conus victoriae BEST. On display in the Gallery are a collection of Kimberley coastal shells. This particular shell is Conus victoriae and is found along the coast from Broome to the Victoria River inlet at the WA / NT border. It has been the source of a potent analgesic called ACV1 that was developed to Stage IIA clinical trials. It is awaiting further development and has applications in severe pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain.Now on display in the Gallery is a collection of Kimberley marine shells. Collected by Johannes Pas, a professional naturalist and collector from Broome. With over 100 different species on display (8 new shells recently added including a rare "Broome Blue" cowrie.
    This beautiful collection is not to be missed.
    Cone Shell Conus victoriae
    Collection of Kimberley Coastal Shells on display in the gallery.