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Dear customers, the property has recently been sold. 

The GALLERY,  remained OPEN until late June 2018 to sell raw rock and rock items, jewellery and books from the GALLERY.

The Cafe and Workshop was not operating in 2018.

Located just out of Kununurra in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, customers visited us by road or by boat. Proceeding out of Kununurra on the main highway to the Diversion Dam, visitors turned left at Packsaddle Rd. (looking for the Big Zebra) and proceeded 9 km to see our entrance sign.
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Owner, Bruce Livett shows off a piece of unpolished zebra rock
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Bruce & Scott returned from the National Gem Show in Gatton, Qld with some pretty impressive additions to the display cabinet including a new find- pink opal from the Gascoyne region of WA! 

Gallery - articles for sale include vases, bowls & balls, wineracks, crocodiles, pyramids, aboriginal paintings, digeridoos, pendants and collectibles.    
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
M. 0403014626

Lawns and Gallery Front Entrance. You see this view as you approach from the jetty by the river Ord. At the jetty you can feed the fish and relax with a cool mango smoothy.
Zebra rock is a 600 million year old siltstone unique to the East Kimberley
Check back later for new updates to our Zebra Rock Gallery web site. There's so much more to Kununurra than the lake !
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Lattitude: -15.843164964
Longitude: 128.733874497

Zebra Rock Gallery is one of the top tourist attractions in the Kimberley. Extensive display of sculptures and jewellery for sale. 
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Brandier AgriRock Holdings PTY LTD, trading as ZEBRA ROCK GALLERY
ABN 28 132 032 672