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Nkandu's Cultural Night at Zebra Rock Gallery

September 25
On Sunday evening, 25 September, from 5:00pm, Nkandu Beltz, Freelance Journalist/Newswriter, Kununurra, is holding the next in her series ofCultural Nightsat Zebra Rock Gallery. You are encouraged to bring a plate of food to share representing your own culture. We will be fundraising throughout the evening, whilst sharing our meals and culture with each other. We are calling upon local businesses to help us with this cause by donating whatever they can to auction or raffle during the evening.

August 20: Piano Recital at The Rock in aid of StJA and RFDS

Pianist:Irina Vasil'eva-Thoo(Perth)
We are fortunate to have Irina fromCappuccino Concertsvisit Kununurra this August. We look forward to her piano recital of popular classics.
ProgramincludesJ.S. Bach,Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue;F. Chopin,Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise, Op.22;Nocturne in C#-, Op. Posth; andR. Schumann,Carnival Op.9. Program notes on the night.  The one hour concert will be followed by a 2-course dinner.
The one hour concert will be followed by a 2-course dinner.

Zebra Rock Gallery a sponsor of Rotary Kununurra's Tag-Along Tour

This weekend, Bruce is acting as a marshal for the 4-WD Tag-Along Tour being organized by Rotary Kununurra. As part of the social events, participants are asked to write a poem around a given word and then to recite the poem at the campsite on Saturday night. The prize is a vase crafted from 600-million year old Zebra Rock, donated by Zebra Rock Gallery. It promises to be a fun weekend bashing through savannah country in the Victoria River District just over the WA / NT border.

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