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PETER Inglis

Peter welcomed back.

Peter Inglis returned May 8 2015 to hold 9 painting workshops in the week before and during (May 12-21) the Ord Valley Muster. 

 Schedule below:



Each session is of 4 hours duration with  maximum of 6 participants.
Includes tuition and all materials

Tues  May 12,  10am - 2 pm     Inglis: The Road to Hill End
Wed  May 13,  10am - 2 pm      Dee Why Beach (with a big wave)
Thurs May 14,  10am - 2 pm     Sydney Opera House
Friday May 15  10am - 2 pm     Pentecost River Crossing, East Kimberley
Sat May 16, 12.30pm - 4.30 pm Van Gogh: Starry Night
Sun May 17           FREE DAY. No sessions.
Mon May 18,  9am - 1 pm   Still Life in Tone & Colour
Tues May 19,  9am - 1 pm   Monet: Boats at Argentuil
Wed May 20,  9am - 1 pm   Monet: Poppy Fields 
Thur May 21,  9am - 1 pm   Van Gogh: Wheat Fields 
Thur May 21  6pm-10pm Pentecost River Crossing - East Kimberley NEW

Pete comes from Sydney where he has an active gallery on the North Shore. Peter is well known there for his innovative approach to teaching paining. His "Paint with Pete" classes are legendary. See also  www.paintwithpete.com He now has a fan club in Kununurra having run 10 classes over 2 weeks in May 2014 and 2015 with participants going home with their own canvas ready to frame.  (SEE BELOW).


We enjoyed having Peter Inglis with us in 2014 from 11-25 May (before and during the Muster week) as our Artist in Residence.

From still-life, to seascapes to landscapes. 
Peter's classes were structured around 4 themes

Paint an 'Aussie Landscape'
Paint 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh  
Paint 'Field of Poppies' by Claude Monet
Paint 'Wheat Fields' by Van Gogh

Peter's students enjoying painting 'Starry Nights'.

Peter and four of his students with their completed canvases of 'Starry Nights'.

We look forward to having Peter back with us again in May 2015. 

Enquire now at Zebra Rock Gallery (9168 1114) about Pete's classes in May 2015. Express your interest and ask to be put on his class list.

GARY Johnston
Gary Johnston, our Artist in Residence at work on oil paintings on our Primordial rock.Original Oil Paintings of Australian Birds on Primordial Rock.
During the month of July, Gary was  resident in our Gallery and painting in oil on our 1200 million year old Primordial Rock unique to the East Kimberley.
His subjects are the many native bird species that inhabit the gardens around the Gallery. Gary invites you to look on as he paints the vivid plumage onto the rock.
Examples of some of Gary’s paintings on Primordial rock are shown below.
His miniatures are highly sought after and a priceless memento of your stay in the Kimberley.
Gary visits the Gallery from his home base in Melbourne each year and we are particularly fortunate that he is able to stay with us for longer this year. With a passionate interest in art, and Australian wildlife since childhood, and a varied career ranging from farming, to wholesale, and retail businesses, Gary finally realised his love of art and exploring Australia by painting Australian Flora and Fauna, in oils, on items created from unique Primordial Rock sourced in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia.
His realist wildlife artwork has been purchased by people from more than 20 different countries, and also by Government Departments as corporate gifts.
See the article on Gary in the Kimberley Echo June 22, 2012.
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Sulphur-crested;Red-tailed Black and Pink Cockatoos
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Double-barred Finch
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Zebra Finch
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Rainbow Lorikeet
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Wedge-tailed Eagle; Brown Falcoln; Swamp Harrier
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Buff-sided Robins
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Black-shouldered Kite
Gary Johnston
Gary Johnston
Barn Owl with Zebra Finch
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